G2 Speech was founded in 1998
We have offices in the UK, Ireland, Holland and Belgium

About G2 Speech

G2 Speech was founded in 1998, since then we have polished and perfected the art of providing digital dictation, speech recognition and workflow management solutions. We successfully provide our products in the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Holland. Within the UK we currently deliver solutions to over 35 major NHS Trusts. Globally we have around 25,000 users accessing our product every day.

At G2 Speech, we believe that dedicated and friendly staff make a real difference in customer service and solution delivery.


The solution provider of choice because of our people, partnerships, innovation and high quality products.

Mission statement

At G2 Speech, we are committed to our people; our customers, employees and partners. Customer experience is at the heart of everything that we do. Our employees and partners are passionate about technology, innovation and growth. We constantly strive to provide excellence in our solutions ensuring ease-of-use, accessibility and above all else quality products that meet the needs of the people we serve.


  • Innovation: we will promote innovation and creativity
  • Integrity: we will operate ethically and fairly / we will operate honestly, with mutual respect and trust
  • Flexibility: we will be adaptable to meet the changing needs and desires of our customers
  • Reliability: we will honour our commitment
  • Success: we will produce high quality products, always.
  • Service: we will strive to exceed and achieve excellent customer service
  • Communication: we will communicate openly and clearly, listen to others.

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