rise in document creation: from 18,000 to 24,000 using g2 solutions

Mater Private Hospital in Dublin, Ireland is part of the Mater Private Group that provides private healthcare in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Liverpool. The Group prides itself on providing some of the most technologically advanced treatment options in the country and has pioneered many major developments in the delivery of healthcare in Ireland.

The hospital implemented our speech recognition system across Pathology back in May 2013. At the time, the hospital were using digital dictation and in some places even analogue tapes. It was decided by the Senior Management Team that speech recognition was needed to improve turnaround times, achieve cost savings and manage increasing workloads.

Benefits have included: 24 hour turnaround times, productivity rises - from 18,000 documents to 24,000 documents are now created a year, using the same number of secretarial support staff.

David Mahon, Medical Scientist said, "I’ve found the system to be very good and helpful to me when creating documentation. It’s straight forward to use and it picks up what I’m saying very well."

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