Software Development Kit (SDK)

Our SDK package supports our partners to speech enable their solutions.

Further your software offerings by providing speech technology as part of our product.

Speech is an effective and productive way of interacting with applications and more professionals each day are realising the full potential of speech recognition. We offer software providers the opportunity to partner with us by utilising our Software Development Kit. The SDK allows you to offer a more extensive solution for your customers incorporating digital dictation, speech recognition and workflow management. Our SDK can really help set your business apart from the competition. By partnering with us you can offer your customers real added value with the addition of speech recognition and workflow management solutions.


Our SDK operates on three levels of integration:

  • Level 1: Fully integrated
  • Level 2: Dictation editor integrated
  • Level 3: Dictation process integrated.

SDK supporting partners to speech enable their solutions | G2 Speech

Level 1

In Level 1 the SDK is nested within the third party application without any visual integration. The SpeechReport platform is used solely for the speech recognition process. You can apply front-end speech recognition in your software solution. The SpeechReport SDK supports a number of text editors for embedded speech recognition. The end user will be able to use speech recognition instead of typing. The recognised text instantly appears in the text field.

Level 2

At Level 2, the SpeechReport SDK offers the end user an interface which only consists of an editor. If you implement this editor, you need to develop a user interface, as this is not provided within the SDK. The SDK allows a professional to create a dictation and the SpeechReport client offers a workflow that allows the document to be transcribed, to be reviewed, to be signed off, printed and archived. The output of the workflow can thus be for example a Word document or an HL7 message.

Level 3

Level 3 offers the same functionalities as Level 2 but comes with a user interface that is tailored to the requirements of the end user.

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