Let us help you to reduce correspondence times and spend more time caring for patients
Our solutions can make this a reality


As a clinician you have constant pressures on you to provide more for less. With the help of our solutions we can help make this a reality. Our technology has been designed for healthcare professionals in Trusts and hospitals looking to save money and streamline their clinical correspondence process.

Our suite of solutions enable clinicians to create documents with digital dictation, speech recognition and workflow management. There is the option to use these solutions whilst at a desk, on a ward or out in the community. All of our solutions are fully secure and meet the NHS standards for encryption.

  • More than 98% accuracy with just 8-10 hours of usage
  • Dictate directly into your HIS, RIS, PACS, PAS and EPR
  • Suitable for any medical specialty.
Solutions for Secondary Care
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