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Secondary care solutions

These speech to text software solutions have been developed for Secondary Care Professionals - our area of speciality. We use bespoke digital dictation, speech recognition and workflow management software to reduce turnaround times and improve processes. 

The type of professionals these solutions support include: Transformation Leads, ICT Directors/Associate Directors, Admin Managers/Leads, Clinicians, Consultants, Team Leaders, IT Managers and many more! We have a real mix of customers from various roles across Secondary Care Trusts and hospitals. 

  • Software solutions

    Enterprise solutions for hospitals, Trusts and Health Boards

    Providing enterprise solutions is our area of specialty. We are the only provider in the market with a portfolio of customers that have implemented speech recognition solutions successfully trustwide. We have over 25,000 customers currently accessing our solutions. 

    The two main integrated platforms we offer are SpeechReport and MediSpeech. These platforms allow you to create documents using front-end or back-end speech recognition. Both solutions are extremely flexible with the option to create documents within specific templates or layouts specific to your Trust or hospital. Auto voice commands can be created to insert text that you frequently use. Our solutions support your department to create, correct (if needed) and manage your workflow in one single location.

    • 98% recognition accuracy after just 8-10 hours of usage
    • Medical dictionaries to suit all specialties
    • Templates adaptable and specific to your Trust or hospital 
    • Simple to insert frequently used texts with one voice command
    • Patient history and previous dictations are readily available 
    • Practical worklist for both the doctor and secretary
    • Secretaries have the ability to create standard letters on behalf of the clinician (where appropriate)
    • Document handling is fully automated
    • Mobile app available to dictate your notes on the go 
    • Location independent working through centralised management of user profiles
    • HL7 support
    • Experience with over 100 integrations with HIS, RIS, PACS, PAS and EPR. 

  • Reporting

    Track progress and maximise ROI

    Let us help you to optimise workflow efficiency and maximise ROI in your workplace. Our reporting solution, G2 Analytics, helps you gather data instantly and can assist you in maximising performance in your place of work. 

    With G2 Analytics you are able to collect and analyse dictation data within minutes. Allowing you to make better business decisions and get the insights you need. The tool provides insight into:

    • Backlogs
    • Department turnaround times
    • Department performance 
    • Employee performance.

    All reports are designed to provide an overview of progress and allow you to look into detail if you so desire.

    To find out more about this solution get in touch with us today: +44 (0)208 555 9041.
  • Mobile Solutions

    We offer a suite of mobile solutions for our customers, which work alongside our products. Our solutions allow customers to capture patient data whilst on ward rounds, away from their desks or out in the community with their smartphone or tablet. They simply start recording and our app coordinates the workflow of their documents. 

    Our mobile application has been designed with busy healthcare professionals in mind. Professionals can capture dictations on their smartphone or tablet anywhere, at any time. They can easily transfer their dictations to their typist. The app is secure and offers a more efficient way of working.

    • Dictate reports on the go
    • QR code & barcode scanner
    • Secure 256-bit file encryption for maximum security
    • Accurate deferred speech recognition
    • Easily prioritise files
    • Send a dictation instantly
    • Flawless communication amongst team
    • Increase productivity whilst on the go. 

  • Hardware

    Hardware solutions

    We offer the complete solution for our customers. We work in partnership with the two leading hardware vendors for speech recognition across the market, Philips and Olympus. These relationships are longstanding partnerships with both vendors. All of our customers have varying needs and requirements and our experienced Sales Team can help guide you. Ensuring you choose the right hardware for your place of work.

    All hardware provided by us has a three year guarantee.

    Our most recommend hardware devices from the two suppliers are as follows:

    • LFH-3500 also known as the SpeechMike Premium - this handset has a free floating, decoupled microphone, a built in noise reduction pop filter, optimised control panel with tactile buttons and ergonomic design and up to 60 cm/23 inches barcode scanning
    • DPM-8100 - this Pocket Memo device has a 3D microphone which delivers the best audio quality in any recording situation. It has a built-in motion sensor for automatic microphone selection and robust stainless steel casing for extra durability 
    • DPM-8500 - this Pocket Memo device similar to the 8100 has a 3D microphone for best audio quality. It also has a slide-switch operation (record, stop, play, fast rewind) and an integrated barcode scanner. 

    • DR-2300 - this device has a powerful integrated speaker for clear playback, it also has a directional microphone to help to reduce background noise. It has a mulit-functional slide switch and ergonomic design
    • DS-7000 - this device has been built for durability with it's metal‑bodied unit. It has a large colour LCD screen to provide the best usability with maximum recording quality. 
    • SC1 Barcode Scanner Module for DS-5000iD/DS-5000 - this module enables automatic allocations of voice files to unique case, client or patient records. It eliminates the possibility of mistyping to ensure 100% conclusive and secure identification. This therefore boosts workflow efficiency, effectiveness and veracity. 

    To find out more about our hardware suppliers, click on the logos below:

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    For a full range of our hardware solutions, contact us today: +44 (0)208 555 9041. 
  • Integration and SDK

    Extensive experience in providing integrations

    We have extensive experience with integrations with various HIS, PAS and EPR systems. We support HL7 standards and are ITK accredited. Integration plans are formulated between the leads within your hospital or Trust and our Project Managers following Prince 2 methodology. 

    Each integration is bespoke, developed around your requirements and existing systems in order to provide a fully integrated, workflow solution to meet your business goals. 
    We also offer a Software Development Kit (SDK) to software providers. The kit offers software providers the opportunity to partner with us to offer healthcare professionals a solution which is fully equipped with speech recognition and workflow management. 

    To find out more about our SDK solution click here 
  • Implementation

    The implementation process is systematically planned to ensure the delivering of your objectives and goals. The amount of time required for installations is completely dependent on the number of users, systems involved and requirements. We have a dedicated team of experts at hand to support you with your implementation – this includes our expert Project Managers and your dedicated Applications Consultant. Our Applications Consultants have extensive expertise in configuring our solutions for resilience.

    Training packages are delivered around your requirements. These generally include train the trainer sessions where IT professionals or senior members of staff learn how to use and support the software.  
  • Security

    We understand the importance of security when dealing with patient identifiable data. We align all of our working with recognised industry standards. We are ISO 27001 accredited. 

    Our mobile app transfers audio files via a secure built-in SSL, 256bit encryption for maximum security. Our recommended pocket memo hardware devices are also encrypted to 256bit Advanced Encryption Standard. 

    Confidential jobs can be easily escalated to preferred typists, ensuring patient confidentiality. 

    If you have any questions about security we’d be happy to answer them. Simply get in touch with a member of the team. 
  • How it works

    What is digital dictation? What is speech recognition?

    Digital Dictation 

    Digital dictation allows professionals to record and edit the spoken word in real-time. Recording is created using a digital recorder. These devices are lighter, have a longer battery life, offer mobility whilst dictating and record for as long as required utilising the same device. The devices are password encrypted and ensure security of patient identifiable data. Analogue machines are a thing of the past.

    At G2 we offer an intuitive interface which allows professionals to quickly and simply generate a dictation and create a workflow for your typists to follow. This allows all dictations to be kept in one secure location whilst offering the clinician the option to track the progress of the document right through to completion. It’s also extremely handy for audit purposes!

    Speech Recognition

    Speech recognition is the translation of spoken words into text. It is a proven tool for creating efficiencies and improving productivity. 

    There are two different types of speech recognition – they are front-end or back-end. Front-end speech recognition is where the professional dictates into our system and the words are recognised and displayed simultaneously as they are spoken. Back-end or deferred speech recognition is where the professional dictates into our system, the speech is then directed through our speech recognition solution and the recognised, completed document is directed along with the original voice file to the editor. 
    As speaking is five times faster than typing, speech recognition is proving extremely popular in the healthcare industry.
  • Customer recommendations

    Don’t just take our word for it, here’s a bit about what our customers have to say about our products: 

    Dr Rob Landers, Clinical Director at Waterford Regional Hospital said: “Working with G2 Speech has been a very positive experience…I would complement them highly on their after-sales support and service. Their medical expertise shows through straightaway. These can be complex working environments and they understand what we do and how things need to happen.”

    Denise Patterson, Senior Secretary, Orthopaedics Wansbeck General Hospital said: “MediSpeech is an extremely user friendly system. I love it as all of the girls in the unit do.”

    Craig McGowan, Senior Projects and Developments Manager at NHS Borders said: “G2 Speech was able to show us its system in action, in multiple clinical specialties at another Trust. It was key for us to use a supplier with a proven track record in more than one specialty. G2 Speech stood out both in terms of its flexibility and genuine willingness to integrate with our Board’s systems. What’s more, the G2 Speech specialists came over from the Netherlands to talk us through the system and show us how to use it – an extra comfort factor. Our teams wouldn’t be without it now.”

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