Enhance your capacity,
enhance patient care

Streamline your documentation process
with G2 Speech-to-text technology

Ready to claim back your time?

Overwhelmed by paperwork? Struggling to find time for your patients? SpeechReport helps you take back control of your time. Combining speech recognition, digital dictation, and workflow management, this comprehensive solution lets you create accurate medical documents with precision and ease, so you can focus on what matters: patient care.

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What you can expect

  • Time savings of at least 20% compared to typing
  • More than 98% speech recognition accuracy
  • A perfect solution for your medical specialty
  • Simple and easy to use speech recognition software
  • Smooth integration with your HIS, RIS, PACS, PAS and EPR
  • Easy scalability to up to 10,000+ users

Enhance your organization’s efficiency

Boost your organization’s workflow efficiency, save costs, and prevent burnout. With SpeechReport, your clinicians have all they need to create accurate patient records at their convenience,
 enhancing the quality of your organization’s records as well as the overall patient experience.


Streamline your workflow from dictation to signature and distribution to final document archiving.

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Dictate directly into text areas in any medical, non-medical or Windows-based application.

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To explore how G2 Speech can benefit you, arrange a demo with our account managers. Whether over coffee or in a formal meeting, they’ll guide you through our solutions’ capabilities and advantages, addressing your specific needs in detail.

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Seamless integration

SpeechReport solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing workflows, ensuring a smooth transition without disruption and optimal performance. Available both on premise and Cloud-based setups, they are as scalable as they are efficient; adding new functionalities or specialisms is easy. Our local team provides 24/7 on-site and phone support.

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Experts for over 25 years

Drawing from over 25 years of expertise in speech-to-text technology, our solutions have transformed the workflows and patient care of thousands of medical professionals.

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