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Optimizing your reporting workflow has never been easier

No more late nights and paperwork hassles! With our SpeechReport suite, you can manage reports seamlessly from dictation to signature and distribution, to final document archiving. Dictate directly into text areas in any web application, analyze data, and work from your mobile phone or tablet. And with features like auto-text, multi-dialect recognition and a predefined, learning library, SpeechReport flexes to your every need.


Streamline your workflow from dictation to signature and distribution to final document archiving.

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Dictate directly into text areas in any medical, non-medical or Windows-based application and save extra time and effort with Auto-text.

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Matching hardware

From speech mikes and pocket memos to dictation headsets and foot pedals, our team of experts gladly helps you find the perfect match via our long-term partners, all leaders in their respective fields.

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Secure patient data transfer

To ensure a smooth flow of information across healthcare organizations, all SpeechReport products are designed to ensure PRSB- and EHSD-compliant patient data capture and transfer. Robust encryption methods to safeguard patient confidentiality.

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To explore how G2 Speech can benefit you, arrange a demo with our account managers. Whether over coffee or in a formal meeting, they’ll guide you through our solutions’ capabilities and advantages, addressing your specific needs in detail.

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