Streamline your dictation workflow
and create accurate patient
records in no time

Let your words flow with SpeechReport Cursor

SpeechCursor is designed to simplify your workflow right from the start. Just position your cursor, talk, and see your words come to life. Correct and navigate through your content using intuitive voice commands, directly within medical, non-medical, or Windows-based applications.

Responsive to your individual needs, SpeechCursor understands your unique voice patterns and vocabulary, and comes with auto-text and one-click validation features.

  • Time savings of at least 20% compared to typing
  • More than 98% speech recognition accuracy
  • Fully automated document handling
  • Suitable for any medical specialty
  • Document templates and work lists
  • Auto-text to add frequently used texts with a single voice command
  • Insight into previously made dictations per patient
  • Flexibility to work on the move, with our mobile apps


Seamless integration

SpeechCursor seamlessly connects to diverse systems, ensuring smooth communication with PAS, EPRs, and clinical systems via HL7 integration. Integration with client and CRM systems further simplifies your work- and dataflow. 

Powered by the advanced ATLAS speech engine, SpeechCursor guarantees unparalleled accuracy and a user-friendly experience. SpeechCursor smoothly collaborates with SpeechReport, SpeechReport Mobile, Structured Reporting, Clinical Coding, and SpeechReport Analytics.

Secure patient data transfer

Whether you’re a GP or a large organization, ensuring the security, privacy, and protection of your patients’ data is a top priority. SpeechCursor ensures PRSB- and EU-compliant patient data capture and transfer.


To explore how G2 Speech can benefit you, arrange a demo with our account managers. Whether over coffee or in a formal meeting, they’ll guide you through our solutions’ capabilities and advantages, addressing your specific needs in detail.

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