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Posted 7th May 2015 by admin_g2

Speech technology from G2 Speech is improving the way doctors, nurses and other medical staff communicate.

A newer, more agile way of working

In the medical world, time is a precious resource. Medical professionals are always busy and note taking and transcription can be a huge drain on both time and money.
Speech recognition works by allowing easy voice recording which is then sent to a server where the audio content is automatically converted into text, saving time that would have been used for time consuming transcribing and note taking.

Secure sharing of patient information

G2 Speech recognition allows medical workers to dictate notes and correspondence and share them easily with the rest of their team, securely behind an encryption. This means that patient details can be transferred easily, while remaining safe and confidential.
Speech recognition software allows medical staff to work in a more agile, flexible way.  It’s creating more fluid work days and improving efficiency, giving medical professionals more availability to spend their time with the diagnosis and treatment of patients.
It is absolutely vital that patients’ information is accurate, as factors like drug history, past treatments and current diagnoses can have major implications for professionals in the care sector. G2 Speech recognition software will reach 98% accuracy with just 8-10 hours, making adoption of this innovative technology easier and more reliable than ever for medical professionals around the world.

Massively improve efficiency

Cost effective solutions are vital to the medical and care sector. This is another reason why primary and secondary care trusts and treatment centres are using speech recognition.
The initial costs of adopting G2 Speech recognition are outweighed by significantly improved efficiency. For example, while using our technology, a single GP was able to create 1332 documents in just one year.
Incredibly, speech recognition software can allow you to create text five times faster than using a word processor, giving primary and secondary care workers more availability to perform life saving work directly with patients.
To discover more about how speech recognition software is improving the way medical professionals work, download or order one of our brochures.



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