Outsourced Transcription

Sometimes you might need an extra helping hand

We’d always advise utilising speech technology to create efficiencies but sometimes due to bottlenecks with staff sickness and leave, you might need to look to outsource transcription.

Wherever possible, improving efficiencies in-house and improving processes internally to manage workloads is preferable but outsourcing transcription is sometimes an organisation requirement to keep up with increasing demands or to clear bottlenecks. SpeechReport offers an enhanced integration with outsourced transcription to maximise efficiency with minimum fuss.

G2 Speech has various outsourcing options and partners to suit the needs of your organisation. After the point of dictation documents are sent directly to the outsourcing company. Documents are then processed by the outsourcing company and are sent back and re-inserted into the workflow for a transcriptionist/medical secretary to pick up for review. Alternatively, the document can be sent straight back for electronic sign off by the author.

Our solution is flexible and covers all aspects of the outsourced service.

All of our partners guarantee a minimum accuracy of 98.5%. All jobs undergo a multi-tier quality check at the transcription centre. Quality feedback is also made available to end users through the software.


With all of our transcription partners, no identifiable data is transferred outside of the European Economic Area. Our partners do not carry any verifiable personal identifiers such as patient names, addresses etc.  All of our outsourced transcription partners undertake regular and ongoing audits of transcriptions. The encrypted data is processed at the partners’ location within physical and technical secure units. All audio and transcribed files are transferred between G2 Speech and the chosen provider under 256 bit SSL encryption. Encryption uses DES/3DES VPN Encryption Module 300C Firewall.  Secured Socket Layer (SSL) is up to 256 bit encryption.



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