Olympus develops and markets intelligent, complete speech documentation solutions, SDS for short. With more than 45 years’ experience, Olympus offers intuitive hardware, workflow-supporting software, and tailored service, for efficient, future-proof Speech-to-Text solutions. The high-tech products for mobile and stationary dictation, as well as for transcription, are the key to professional, secure, and profitable work in all industries. With its comprehensive approach, Olympus is helping to considerably simplify the everyday work routine.

Below is an overview of the most popular hardware devices provided by Olympus, that are compatible with our solutions.

DR-2300 | G2 Speech

recmic DR-2300

The Olympus DR-2300 has a powerful integrated speaker for clear playback, it also has a directional microphone to help to reduce background noise. It has a mulit-functional slide switch and ergonomic design.

  • USB direct dictation device
  • Slot attachment for barcode scanner
  • Directional microphone to reduce undesired background noises
  • Powerful integrated speaker for clear playback
  • Multi-functional slide switch and trackball
  • Symmetrical and ergonomic design for comfortable hold
  • Engineered to work best with Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software
  • Built-in volume control for convenience.

DS-7000 | G2 Speech


This device has been built for durability with it’s metal‑bodied unit. It has a large colour LCD screen to provide the best usability with maximum recording quality.

  • Improved speech-optimised microphone features independent housing and variable recording modes
  • Durable and precise slide switch
  • A 2-inch color LED (TFT) display
  • Device password protection and real-time 128- or 256- bit file encryption
  • Supports both SD and microSD cards via separate slots allowing for expansion up to 32GB of total memory.



This module enables automatic allocations of voice files to unique case, client or patient records. It eliminates the possibility of mistyping to ensure 100% conclusive and secure identification. This therefore boosts workflow efficiency, effectiveness and veracity.

  • Laser Class: Class 1 laser product
  • Code length: Up to 30 digits
  • Working Range: up to 25 cm or 10 inches
  • Scan Beam Deflection Angle: 80 degrees
  • Batch Scanning and further Workflow options together with Olympus Dictation Management Software “DSS Player Pro R5”.



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