Address book

Manage your contacts from one central location



Getting Correspondence to the relevant contacts with the address book

Does your department use separate files or documents to manage relevant contact details for clinical correspondence? Do you still have to manually copy information into your documents for addressing and print them one by one? Do you still have a decentralised address book?

With our address book functionality within SpeechReport we offer clinicians and secretaries the possibility to easily distribute letters to multiple selected addressees. Relevant contacts are linked to correspondence based on the appointment or the patient. The patient, the GP, the referrer or next of kin are some examples of these addressees. Addressees are managed in a department related address book. Contacts and contact information can be manually added to the addressee list or the details can be provided by an external system, such as a hospital information system.

The address book ensures that information is easily shared with health and social care professionals in a secure and accessible manner.

  • Clinical correspondence managed from one location
  • Appointment or patient related contact information in a department managed address book
  • Fully integrated with the SpeechReport platform
  • Personalised communication to several contacts

Your department can easily manage their contacts and select the ones who should automatically receive the requested correspondence. You can select the ones you want to include in the communication or deselect the ones you’d like to exclude from the mailing. This functionality provides you with the opportunity to manage your own departments’ address book!

In addition, SpeechReport lists an overview of all selected contacts, to make you aware of who’s involved in the communication. Personal details of the addressees are displayed as well.

SpeechReport works with templates that include editable fields such as name and address, so all addressees automatically receive a personalised document. This can either be a printed or a digital version. Managing your clinical correspondence from one location saves a lot of time and decreases the risk of sending the correspondence to the wrong contact by mistake. This functionality proves again: SpeechReport offers a complete document management solution.



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