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G2 Speech provides the complete Cloud hosting package


Cloud computing is evolving like never before, with businesses of all shapes and sizes adopting this new way of working. Organisations are increasingly turning to cloud computing for many different reasons, such as an effort to increase efficiencies and working independently from time and location.

We now offer to host our complete platform, SpeechReport, in the G2 Cloud. We’d like to advise you whichever is the better fit – on-premise, public or private – for your organisation.

G2 Cloud allows you to access your correspondence from anywhere at any time. Furthermore the initial purchase costs of your ICT environment will reduce significantly, as G2 Speech is responsible for the maintenance of the server environment and administration of our applications.

We´ve selected a premium partner, Microsoft Azure, to host our cloud solutions. The decision to choose Microsoft is based on our current relation, their focus on healthcare, the global coverage and the fact that data security has a very high priority on their agenda. With this powerful partnership we are confident to be able to offer you a stable and secure environment which will allow you to benefit from our solutions with complete peace of mind.



  • validation Flexibility: You can access our speech recognition technology and workflow solution from any location at any time
  • validation Cost savings: Cloud computing reduces the cost of expensive hardware servers and highly-skilled IT staff
  • validation Security: Our solutions meet strict conditions to ensure the safety of your data. This is based on the construction of the infrastructure and the encrypted communication between our applications and the cloud servers.


Our Public Cloud allows multiple customers to use the same underlying infrastructure whilst maintaining data separation. The Public Cloud is characterised by its simplicity. This is an excellent solution for smaller groups of professionals with a straightforward workflow. G2 Speech will take care of managing the platform as well as the underlying infrastructure.

SpeechReport Cursor is a solution which is particularly well suited for use in the Public Cloud as it offers a simple yet powerful tool for increasing reporting efficiencies through the use of speech recognition.

Key features of the Public Cloud:

  • Strict data separation
  • Cloud computing removes the costs of expensive servers solutions
  • Well suited for smaller groups of users (up to 25 users)
  • G2 Speech manages the software platform and underlying infrastructure
  • Secured communication between our applications and our cloud
  • Always up-to-date with the latest versions of our applications
  • The application is always accessible, from any location.

In short, our Public Cloud offers you a simple, efficient but most of all secure solution that contributes to reducing the administrative burden and helps optimising the reporting process. This way you save time for the more important aspects of your job – looking after your patient or client!


Are you already using our solutions or are you on the lookout for a complete solution to improve your documentation process? Would you like to benefit from all the advanced workflow possibilities and functionalities that our SpeechReport platform has to offer? We have the perfect solution for you.

A Private Cloud environment offers customers the advantage of having their own SpeechReport environment without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure. You also benefit from the high availability aspects that a cloud solution has to offer.

Key benefits:

  • Your own SpeechReport platform hosted in a Private Cloud
  • A perfect fit for larger groups of users with an advanced workflow and specific infrastructural requirements. It allows for on-premise integrations with your EPR, RIS or PACS via a secure VPN-connection
  • If required, the application is always accessible, and from any location
  • You will benefit from the same advantages of an on-premise solution without the high costs of purchasing and managing the underlying infrastructure
  • G2 Speech manages the infrastructure
  • You are in complete control of managing the application.

Several customers are already benefitting from using our application in a Private Cloud. Please contact us for further advice and information.


Since our infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft Azure, we benefit from all the services and tools provided by Microsoft to secure our environment and your data. Our infrastructure consists of several isolated networks which ensure that only the most essential services are in contact with the outside world. All services and solutions for data storage are running on a separate network which is fully shielded from external access. This allows us to prevent unauthorised access to mission critical services and customer data.

G2 Speech takes great care in making sure data is kept safe and secure. All communication between our applications and the G2 Cloud is secured via the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and adheres to the AES 256-bit encryption standard. Combined with data fragmentation and randomisation this provides security high degree of data security.

In addition to that, we allow an external company to carry out penetration tests on a regular base to ensure you are certain of a safe and reliable cloud environment.

Are you curious how you are able to benefit from our solutions in the G2 Cloud? Please get in touch for professional advice or read our detailed leaflet.



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