Providing information access whilst on the go


Our mobility suite offers professionals the ability to capture and authorise documents on mobile phones and tablet devices.

There’s such a huge appetite at the moment, more so than ever before, to be well connected. Mobile working is revolutionising the way in which employees from healthcare, legal and business backgrounds are communicating. Our mobile suite offers professionals the ability to dictate and authorise documents whilst on the go.

The ability to gather and access information with the touch of your fingertip and carry it wherever you go is proving invaluable. When tablet devices were first released to the market, professionals were cautious of the security implications and how such a device might work with existing back-end systems – our mobility suite eliminates these concerns.

As part of our mobility suite we currently offer two solutions:

  • G2 Mobile – Digital dictation: this app enables you to dictate your reports whilst on the go
  • G2 Mobile – Sign off: offering the ability to extend your SpeechReport workflow by signing off documents at a time and location convenient to you.

Information stored and created within our mobile suite is highly secure with 256-bit encryption and is transferred via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G wireless networks.

As G2 Mobile is fully integrated with the SpeechReport workflow system, the user has all the benefits of a fully automated workflow. Documents can be edited, reviewed, signed off and printed in SpeechReport. They can also be exported to a Word file or HL7 message.

Our mobile applications have been designed with busy professionals in mind. Professionals can capture and sign off dictations on their smartphone or tablet anywhere, at any time. They can easily transfer their dictations to their typist. The app is secure and offers a more efficient way of working.

Our mobility suite is available on iOS and Android devices.


Key Features

  • Dictate and sign off documents whilst on the go
  • Secure 256-bit file encryption for maximum security
  • Create & send a dictation instantly
  • Sign off your documents on the go
  • Easily prioritise files
  • Flawless communication amongst team
  • QR code & barcode scanner
  • Increase productivity whilst on the go.
G2 Mobile, speech recognition and sign off whilst on the go | G2 Speech


Are you regularly in between customer or patient visits with time to spare? This time you can be used perfectly to create notes whilst on the go with the help of our mobile digital dictation app. The app is available on smartphones and tablet devices and enables you to record those highly important details whilst the information is still fresh in your mind! Thus reducing the risk of reporting incorrect information whilst making the most of your precious time.

With our mobile dictation app, dictations can be created wherever you are – be that out in the community, on ward rounds or in between client visits. Our app enables you to get things done faster and more efficiently! The app is synced directly with the SpeechReport platform. Once created, dictations appear within the workflow of your secretary or admin support. SpeechReport allows you to process this data in a quick, simple, efficient and secure manner.

  • Part of the G2 Mobile solution
  • Fully integrated with SpeechReport
  • Offering you flexibility by creating dictations via a mobile device or tablet
  • Dictate whilst on the go
  • Linked to clear work list with client details
  • Flawless communication amongst team(s)
  • Available on iOS and Android devices
  • Increase productivity whilst on the go.

The app has been designed according to ISO standards and is NHS compliant. This means that no data will be  locally stored on the device and the app will automatically log out after a period of inactivity.

G2 Mobile Digital Dictation – Brochure


Authorising documents whilst you are not at your workplace is essential in the digital world in which we live in. More and more people work from home or from a location other than the office. The demand for a mobile way of working has never been so high on the agenda. In close cooperation with various professionals from the UK, Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands, we have developed a new hybrid platform, G2 Mobile. The first release of the G2 Mobile platform, offering sign off functionality is now available.

G2 Mobile gives you instant access to your correspondence from anywhere. This could be from within a different office, out in the community or even from home. This app is fully integrated with the automated workflow of SpeechReport and helps to shorten the processing time of documents. In just a few clicks your secretary receives feedback or is notified of approved documents.

This application allows professionals to approve documentation at anytime and anywhere. Providing the ability to view, approve and forward documentation. The app also provides the ability to add notes to documents, such as a personal note or an instruction to the secretary.

This mobile app is compatible with smartphone and tablet, Apple, Android and Windows devices.

The main features of the app:

  • Fully integrated with SpeechReport
  • Part of our G2 Mobile, hybrid platform
  • Provides the ability to create documents at a time and location convenient to you
  • Add notes to your documents
  • ISO 27002 and secure encryption of data
  • Suitable for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

The first reactions to the app are positive. “It’s an interesting app that works very intuitive and has an uncluttered layout.”




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