G2 Mobile

Dictate and authorise documents whilst on the go


Mobile working is revolutionising the way in which professionals from healthcare, legal and business backgrounds are communicating. Our mobile suite, G2 Mobile, offers professionals the ability to dictate and authorise documents whilst on the go.

Our mobile portfolio consists of two solutions, the digital dictation application and the sign off application. G2 Mobile extends your workflow by connecting directly to the SpeechReport platform.

The digital dictation app provides a clear overview of the day to day work list. This app enables users to record documents whilst on the go and send them to secretarial support.

The sign off app provides instant access to correspondence and enables the authorisation of documents. The app enables documentation to progress to the next step of the workflow.


The mobile dictation app has been developed with the user in mind: with an intuitive design and a modern interface. The app is fully integrated and syncs directly to SpeechReport. The work list provides an overview of your agenda for the day ahead. The dictation can be linked to a specific appointment or created ad-hoc.

The app enables you to record highly important details whilst the information is freshly available. This reduces the risk of reporting incorrect information whilst making the most of precious time. Dictating and authorising documents on the go reduces the turnaround times of reports even further.


  • Fully integrated with SpeechReport
  • Instant access to creating correspondence
  • Linked to work list with client/ patient details
  • Dictate whilst on the go
  • Suitable for mobile and tablet devices
  • Available on iOS and Android
  • Compatible with external hardware including Bluetooth headsets or earplugs
  • Following ISO 27001 and secured encryption of data.


G2 MOBILE – sign off


In line with customer feedback, the G2 Mobile – Sign Off app was developed to assist professionals in authorising documents anywhere and at any time.

The app provides instant access to correspondence from any location, be that out in the community, at a different base or even at home. Fully integrated with SpeechReport’s automated workflow, this app allows professionals to further reduce the turnaround time of documents. In just a few clicks, secretarial teams will be provided with
feedback or finalised documents.


  • Fully integrated with SpeechReport
  • Part of our G2 Mobile, hybrid platform
  • View, sign off and forward reports at a time and location convenient to you
  • Add comments and notes to documents
  • Adaptable screen setting for personal preferences
  • Suitable for iOS, Android and Windows devices.
  • Following ISO 27002 and secured encryption data

G2 Mobile meets strict conditions to ensure the safety of client and patient data. The mobile apps have been designed according to ISO standards and are NHS compliant. This means that no data will be locally stored on the device and the apps will automatically log out after a period of inactivity.

The security of the data transfer is guaranteed by SSL certificates and encrypted at a minimum of 256 bit. Secure log in is ensured by utilising SpeechReport credentials, a pin code or the fingerprint scanner, enabling continuity and timely document management.



The G2 Mobile suite works alongside SpeechReport, our enterprise document management solution, The SpeechReport platform provides a fully automated workflow with advanced speech recognition technology. SpeechReport helps to streamline the correspondence processes. The solution supports your organisation to create, correct and manage all of your documentation in one central location.



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