Speech recognition for Healthcare

Enabling doctors and nurses to focus on what matters.

Speech enabled solutions tailored to fit the needs of healthcare professionals

Less paperwork and more time to focus on patient care – is that not what everyone in healthcare wants? Here at G2 Speech we can help you achieve just that.

Although we provide speech recognition solutions to different market types, healthcare has always been our primary customer base and speciality. We have worked with healthcare professionals for almost 20 years and our technology has grown with the organisations in which we support. We work with healthcare practices in varying sizes from GP surgeries right through to full hospital-wide roll outs.

Typically customers are looking to increase productivity, reduce costs and increase security. We work in partnership with our customers to find the right fit in digitalising their working.

We provide solutions for customers’ across the UK and Ireland. From small medical practices to the largest of hospital sites. We can find the solution that fits your needs.

G2 Speech offers a complete document creation solution with speech recognition, digital dictation, and workflow management in the medical sector. Numerous health organisations such as GPs, hospitals and the HSE use our solutions to work more efficiently. Our solutions enable you to dictate directly into your EMR, PACS or RIS. Typing is a thing of the past.

Our solutions ensure the throughput of documents are significantly increased and healthcare professionals can focus on the most important, patient care.


Key healthcare statistics

  • validation 50+ customer organisations across Ireland and the UK
  • validation 100+ integrations with various PACS, EPR etc.
  • validation Sites with 2000+ users
  • validation €4.1 million cost savings achieved.



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