Comprehensive training programme



Our accredited training team provide a comprehensive training programme which covers the whole implementation cycle of the project. The initial focus will be on empowering your project team, ensuring they have all the information and support that they require to deliver a successful rollout. In addition we pride ourselves in offering a range of diverse training materials which are shown below:

  • Paper based training manuals
  • Electronic training manuals on a USB stick
  • Crib sheets for ease of use
  • Quick reference pocket guides
  • Screencasts
  • Online portfolio of videos
  • Help tool built within SpeechReport.

The paper-based and electronic format training materials are used during each training session as well as being provided to the hospital, for future reference. We provide organisations with our online knowledge database that can be used for training and updated as training takes place. Additionally, as the platform evolves over time particularly with each upgrade, all training materials are updated and reissued to the customer.

Best Practice day

We provide your Project teams with a ‘best practice day’, the aim of which is to gather as much information as possible about the overall project implementation.

The best practice day covers the following topics:

  • Description of system requirements
  • Departmental requirements
  • Installation requirements
  • Training requirements for IT, administrators, project managers, users and trainers.
  • Day to day system operation
  • Backup and disaster recovery. (Where has this come from – just sounds a bit negative)

Train the Trainer

User training, project management training, system administration training and technical training will be discussed in more depth at the initial project meeting. Typically we discuss with the hospital/Trust about how best to train users based on their requirements. Typically we either ‘train the trainer’ or provide our own trainers to train all users on site (or a combination of the both).

Our train the trainer package consists of describing all the main end-user functionalities and the topics that we recommend training with end-users. This also covers an overview of every SpeechReport module and the main features. All relevant reference guides are provided for the SpeechReport modules and the trainer is advised which training sections are a required minimum for each user type. If the organisation opts for the ‘train the trainer’ approach, this generally requires a day with the organisations trainers prior to training end users. This will provide the individuals with the knowledge they need to be confident in training the end users on the system. To assist in delivery of this training, we provide floor walking in the initial training sessions to ensure the training is delivered correctly and efficiently.

We provide management training on how to rollout digital dictation and speech recognition hospital-wide. In addition we provide documents to support the rollout to individual departments and the necessary steps to ensure the departments have the correct workflow created from the outset.

Administration training for system administrators and super-users is provided, including how to gather information from the system using G2 Analytics.

Technical training for the IT department, covering 1st line and 2nd line client-side support and server side support is also provided as part of our offerings.

All of our training programmes will be tailored to suit your needs as an organisation based on departmental and user requirements.



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