Webinar – Supporting Pathologists with COVID-19 Backlogs & Reducing Reporting Times

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Posted 9th February 2022 by admin_g2

Summary: With the continued disruption COVID-19 continues to cause, concern is mounting over backlogs and surge in demand for pathology, particularly in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Our solution has the power to dramatically improve efficiencies within pathology. Within this session we will unveil the many benefits our solutions can offer you to help increase productivity and manage surge in demand.

Date: Wednesday 9 March, 11 am


  • Short introduction to our experience of COVID-19 and the challenges we’ve noted customers face
  • An overview of how we are supporting Pathology Departments to avoid reporting delays
  • How customers are using Structured Reporting to ensure timely, complete, and accurate reports
  • A live demonstration of speech recognition and Structured Reporting
  • Benefits and ROI noted by our customers.

As we make our way through a third year of living with COVID-19, the catastrophic impact on patients waiting for NHS care is becoming clearer. Demand for pathology reporting continues to mount with the need to clear ever increasing backlogs.

We’ve worked with Pathology Department’s across Europe for many years. Pathology customers in Ireland and the UK include: Mater Private, Barts Health NHS Trust and Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. Together we have developed a streamlined way of working utilising the best in speech technology – helping to reduce bottlenecks and providing hassle-free, handsfree reporting.

Structured Reporting has been utilised to assist in the creation of complete, high-quality reports. Join our webinar to find out more about how our solutions can help you to manage the surge in demand.

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