G2 Analytics

Keep track of KPIs with our reporting tool

Review, analyse and evaluate data, G2 Analytics enables you to monitor speech recognition rates, turnaround times, performance and more.

G2 Analytics is our reporting tool that provides managers with insight into: backlogs, department turnaround times and employee performance. The reporting tool enables managers of departments and organisations to obtain an array of statistical data from the system – ensuring your working as productively and effectively as possible.

The tool is a web-based module and access is granted based on user rights. G2 Analytics has been designed to remove the effort from the user. There are seven standard reports:

  • Author Performance
  • Author Details
  • Transcriptionist Performance
  • Department Performance
  • Turnaround Times (TAT)
  • Backlogs
  • Document Report.

G2 Analytics, reporting suite | G2 Speech

These reports have been carefully selected following extensive research with existing customers. The system is very intuitive and a high level of technical expertise is not required.

Enabling teams, departments and organisations to monitor and identify where there are bottlenecks, training requirements and of improvements made. Many customers have found this information particularly helpful to track 24 hour turnaround times, useful to identify areas of improvement and for monitoring return on investment.

G2 Analytics will generate standard reports as well as offering the ability to create custom reports.

Reports can be exported to PDF or Excel format including: CSV, mHTML or XML files. The reports can be generated automatically and sent to your email at a time and date convenient for you.



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