Olympus develops and markets intelligent, complete speech documentation solutions, SDS for short. With more than 45 years’ experience, Olympus offers intuitive hardware, workflow-supporting software, and tailored service, for efficient, future-proof Speech-to-Text solutions. The high-tech products for mobile and stationary dictation, as well as for transcription, are the key to professional, secure, and profitable work in all industries. With its comprehensive approach, Olympus is helping to considerably simplify the everyday work routine.

Below is an overview of the most popular hardware devices provided by Olympus, that are compatible with our solutions.

OlymPus Rec mic ii

Designed for accurate results with Speech Recognition

  • Triple layer sound pop-filter
  • Microphone stand for hands-free dictation
  • Suppresses sound from back and side
  • Noise cancel technology suppresses non or low relative sound.






Dictation device developed for recording information whilst on the go

  • 4-position slide switch enabling easy and intuitive operation
  • High Quality Low-Noise Microphone
  • Directional stereo recording.



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