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An increasing number of companies and organisations now use cloud solutions for software hosting or data storage, and this trend shows no signs of stopping. This is not surprising, as the advantages of cloud environments are wide-ranging. Healthcare, legal and business professionals request instant access to their correspondence and need to be able to work from any location. G2 Speech provides their offering, SpeechReport, via the G2 Cloud.

Every organisation has its own specific needs when it comes to documentation management. There are two key cloud options, public or private cloud environments. This decision is based on the better fit for your organisation.

We provide an effective, tailor-made solution ensuring that data is stored and managed securely.


Microsoft Azure offers a platform to develop solutions which provide proactive, personalised healthcare.

  • Microsoft Azure has an excellent reputation and an extensive customer base, which includes renowned hospitals and various NHS organisations such as the NHS Choices website
  • With security and privacy as the foundations of the Azure platform, patient and client data is kept safe. The platform conforms to a global code of  practice for cloud privacy, ISO/IEC 27018
  • The scalability of the Azure Cloud ensures a perfect fit whatever the size of your organisation, from very large institutions to small practices.



Benefits of hosting our solutions in the cloud

  • validation Improved mobility: access our speech technology and workflow solution from any location and any time
  • validation Cost savings: since G2 Speech is responsible for the maintenance of the server environment and the management of the application, enabling considerable savings on your ICT environment and specialised IT Staff
  • validation Secure environment: a reliable, stable environment for essential for storing and transferring sensitive information. Our cloud solutions meet strict conditions to ensure the safety of client or patient data.

Public cloud

The public cloud offers an excellent solution for smaller groups of professionals with an uncomplicated workflow. Our public cloud allows multiple customers to share the same underlying infrastructure managed by G2 Speech.

SpeechReport Cursor, our straightforward speech-to-text solution, is perfect for use in the public cloud. In short, the public cloud is characterised by its simplicity. It’s efficient and secure, allowing you to produce documents in no time!

Key features of the Public Cloud:

  • Strict data separation
  • Cloud computing removes the costs of expensive servers solutions
  • Well suited for smaller groups of users (up to 25 users)
  • G2 Speech manages the software platform and underlying infrastructure
  • Secured communication between our applications and our cloud
  • Always up-to-date with the latest versions of our applications
  • The application is always accessible, from any location.

In short, our Public Cloud offers you a simple, efficient but most of all secure solution that contributes to reducing the administrative burden and helps optimising the reporting process. This way you save time for the more important aspects of your job – looking after your patient or client!

Private cloud

The private cloud is ideal for customers who require more control of their reporting process. Examples include integrations with an electronic patient or client record or an advanced workflow.

Purchasing our solutions in the private cloud would provide you with the complete SpeechReport platform without having to worry about the installation and maintenance of the software. However, you stay in full control of the application, such as managing users, templates, workflows and integrations.

You will benefit from all the advantages of an on-premise installation, without the high purchase costs incurred by the underlying infrastructure.

Key benefits:

  • Your own SpeechReport platform hosted in a Private Cloud
  • A perfect fit for larger groups of users with an advanced workflow and specific infrastructural requirements. It allows for on-premise integrations with your EPR, RIS or PACS via a secure VPN-connection
  • If required, the application is always accessible, and from any location
  • You will benefit from the same advantages of an on-premise solution without the high costs of purchasing and managing the underlying infrastructure
  • G2 Speech manages the infrastructure
  • You are in complete control of managing the application.

Several customers are already benefitting from using our application in a Private Cloud.


Our cloud environment is designed to ensure that, in addition to performance and stability, a strong focus is placed on data security. All communication between the G2 Speech applications and the cloud servers is carried out via the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, with a strong AES 256-bit encryption.

Several measures have been taken to ensure a high level of information security. This includes strict procedures for the management and maintenance of the environment, as well as all services running on a separate network which is fully shielded from external access. In cases where major changes need to be implemented, we partner with an external organisation to carry out penetration tests in order to analyse the complete cloud environment for potential security threats.

Solutions in the cloud


The SpeechReport platform provides a fully automated workflow with advanced speech recognition technology. SpeechReport helps to streamline correspondence processes. The solution allows your organisation to create, correct and manage all of your documentation in one central location.


SpeechReport Cursor is a powerful tool that converts dictated words directly into written words. Using advanced speech recognition, you can dictate directly into applications such as electronic patient or client records as well as Microsoft Word and Outlook. It’s the perfect solution to digitise your reporting methods!

Are you curious how you are able to benefit from our solutions in the G2 Cloud? Please get in touch for professional advice.




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