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Big data and predictive analysis are growing in importance in the healthcare industry. Healthcare organisations are able to make informed decisions based on significant datasets. Clinicians also need to gather clinical data in order to provide the best personalised care to their patients.

Our solution, G2 Analytics, allows customers to collect, analyse and report on operational as well as clinical data. These newly-acquired insights provide the information that is needed to make the most effective decisions that are in the best interests of the Trust and healthcare professionals, but most importantly their patients.


  • Fully integrated with the SpeechReport platform, including Structured Reporting and G2 Mobile
  • Operational information on the reporting process available via various reporting tools
  • Clinical data automatically gathered and directly accessible at a glance
  • Ability to act on relevant data to make accurate decisions.

Operational data

Optimising reporting processes

G2 Analytics captures relevant operational data from SpeechReport via various reporting tools. It provides objective insight information to support an organisation with:

  •  Meeting patient treatment targets
  • Saving costs by meeting NHS deadlines
  • Managing staff performance
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Optimising efficiency.

Organisations can get to the heart of their data and optimise their processes. Insights in these statistics enable them to make significant improvements and well-informed decisions.

Operational reports

Important statistics about the reporting process, such as backlogs, document turnaround times and speech recognition are immediately shown in an reporting tool of your preference, such as MS Excel or other BI programs. Notifications inform heads of departments in a timely manner if documents threaten to exceed the deadline. Information is automatically updated and the statistical reports are managed at departmental level, without the intervention of an IT department.

Clinical data

Improve on patient care

The amount of clinical patient information available in reports can make it difficult to easily obtain the relevant data. Yet the right patient data is of great value to detect new patterns in different pathologies and decide on specific therapy and medicines. It is therefore of vital importance that these large sets of data are made available. These valuable clinical insights also enable healthcare professionals to contribute to research and to optimise and personalise quality of care.

Clinical reporting

When using our Structured Reporting module, clinical patient information is captured into templates. The gathered information includes variables such as physical condition, diagnosis, medication, treatment as well as clinical codes such as SNOMED CT and ICD-10. The data is automatically stored in a data cube and can be accessed using MS Excel. Data can be pre-filtered or turned
into bespoke reports. Either way, all the clinical information needed is available in one click. The data can be exported to an organisation’s own visualisation tools or statistical software. The reports are always anonymised to protect patient’s identity.

Structured Reporting

Structured Reporting enables an organisation to gather clinical data with G2 Analytics. This innovative solution allows clinicians to simply and quickly create reports, within templates, using speech recognition. Templates are intelligent and adapt to the information that is filled out by the clinicians. They guide clinicians through their reports. As these reports are very complete, the communication with other care providers improves significantly. Furthermore, the module provides an easy way of adhering to national guidelines and department protocols.

G2 Analytics & SpeechReport

The SpeechReport platform provides a fully automated workflow with integrated advanced speech recognition based on Microsoft technology. The solution allows organisations to create, correct and manage all of their documentation in one central location and helps to streamline correspondence processes.

G2 Analytics works seamlessly together with SpeechReport and its additional functionalities such as Structured Reporting, G2 Mobile, G2 Cloud and Outsourced Transcription.



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