Speech enable your solutions!

Our SDK package supports our partners to speech enable their solutions.

Speech recognition is rapidly growing in popularity. An increasing numbers of healthcare professionals are realising the full potential of speech technology when writing documents and typing in results. We offer an integrated speech recognition solution which enables a seamless integration in every application, such as your EPR, RIS or PACS. Using speech technology increases user satisfaction and improves user experience.

Utilising our 20+ years experience in the field. We have partnered with different RIS, PACS and EPR providers to integrate speech. Speech recognition adds value to your way of working, as it has been documented that speaking is five times faster than typing.

With integrated speech, you dictate directly into the application. Plain and simple, speech-to-text. You are also able to navigate with your SpeechMike or using speech commands, through text fields. You can create auto texts to create your reports even faster!

Why would you select G2 Speech as your preferred supplier to implement speech recognition in your software?

  • G2 Speech is an expert in the field of speech recognition
  • You benefit from advanced speech technology
  • Multiple options for integration, such as .NET, HTML and Java
  • A tailor-made integration and on-site support during roll-out and on-going once implemented
  • Our experienced employees provide you with advice and consultation
  • A central focal point with a friendly service desk
  • A dedicated software development team will be on hand

Every integration is unique. It can be tailor-made and integrates perfectly into other systems. Utilising a medical, legal or professional dictionaries, a high recognition accuracy, is ensured. Extended statistical information is available to provide insights in the reporting process – from dictating, turnaround times to speech recognition rates.

We offer two different options to integrate speech into your solution, depending on your programming language.

  • Via the RSDK: This solution is the perfect fit for .NET applications
  • A tool to integrate speech in your HTML or JAVA software.

SDK supporting partners to speech enable their solutions | G2 Speech

Integrated speech via RSDK

To ensure that our partners benefit from the best solution possible, we have implemented the latest technology in the area of speech recognition. Therefore, we decided to choose Recognosco and their advanced speech recognition engine. This engine, is based on Microsoft technology and offers an extremely high recognition accuracy from the start.

By offering the Recognosco Software Development Kit (RSDK) our partners are able to integrate the speech engine into their applications. Recognosco provides medical, legal and professional topics to ensure an accurate recognition. This solution is optimised for .NET applications. G2 Speech’s employees are the first focal point and look after the implementation from A to Z. The service desk is available if you have any questions.

Benefits of the RSDK, include:

  • Based on the Microsoft speech engine
  • Integrated speech in .NET applications
  • Dictate directly into applications with MS Word embedded
  • Low net load (20 kbps)
  • Supports various forms of virtualisation

The speech technology provided by Recognosco is easy to use, advanced and intuitive. The technology enables quick and efficient document creation with a high recognition rate from implementation.

Integrated speech for HTML and Java

Not all software providers use similar programming languages. Some of our partners develop their applications, such as a RIS or EPR, with HTML or JAVA. We have developed a perfect solution for applications developed with HTML or JAVA.

Is you EPR web based? Is your PACS developed using JAVA? This solution ensures an optimal communication between your application and the speech engine. You can add value to your solution and stand out from your competitors.

Benefits of this integration include:

  • Integrated speech in HTML of JAVA applications
  • Straight forward implementation
  • Almost zero footprint

Optimise your customers’ user experience by implementing speech in your solutions. By speech enabling your solutions, you offer your customers the ability to reduce turnaround times significantly, increase productivity and efficiencies, within their organisations.  A big advantage for you and your satisfied customers.

For more information on partnering with us please get in touch with info@g2speech.com



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