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Enterprise solutions for healthcare, legal and business organisations looking to increase productivity with speech.

Our workflow management, speech recognition and digital dictation solution, ‘SpeechReport’ has been developed in partnership with healthcare, legal and business organisations across the UK and Ireland. The software enables professionals, at an organisation level to create, correct and manage all documentation. Ensuring that processes are streamlined and clinical correspondence is at peak productivity.

SpeechReport offers the latest innovations in speech technology, provided by Recognosco and powered by Microsoft. It is easy to deploy, with a very low network footprint and has a host of benefits. Whether you opt for digital dictation, front-end speech recognition, back-end speech recognition – or a mix of all three, we can tailor the solution around your needs.

Our software helps to streamline clinical correspondence and document management. SpeechReport supports healthcare, legal and business professionals to create, edit and manage dictations and information. The work list allows you to organise your work throughout the day, providing a digital overview of appointments and tasks. In the instance of a healthcare setting, a HL7 integration is utilised with your clinical system that guarantees patient data is immediately at hand. Similarly – integrations can be provided with your client and CRM (customer relationship management) system.



The on-premise environment is hosted, maintained and administrated on your infrastructure. This provides you with full access and control over the environment and includes the possibility to combine SpeechReport Cursor with the SpeechReport platform capabilities.


SpeechReport can also be deployed from our SpeechReport Cloud environment which provides flexibility and significantly less deployment costs. G2 Speech is responsible for the technical maintenance of the server environment and administration of the system. This will save you FTE and operating/hardware costs.

Key Features

  • validation 98% recognition accuracy after just 8-10 hours of usage
  • validation Medical, legal and professional dictionaries to suit all specialties
  • validation Templates adaptable and specific to your organisation
  • validation Simple to insert frequently used texts with one single voice command
  • validation Patient/client history and previous dictations are readily available
  • validation Practical work list for both the author and secretary
  • validation Administrative staff have the ability to create standard letters on behalf of the author (where appropriate)
  • validation Document handling is fully automated
  • validation Experience with over 100 integrations with HIS, RIS, PACS, PAS and EPR.
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