speech recognition for Business

Increasing productivity in the workplace


Create a systematic, productive way of working with speech recognition for business

In business thereā€™s always a need to stay ahead with new technologies and looking for bigger, better and smarter ways of working. Our speech recognition for business professionals can benefit organisations from various sectors, in differing roles. We currently have customers from the legal, government, property and financial sectors working with our speech enabled products.

Let us help you to increase business efficiencies, productivity and ensure security. Digitalise your way of working and improve your correspondence workflow with a clear audit trail. Our solutions enable businesses to put your employees to better use ā€“ making time for more pressing tasks.

Speech recognition for business has significantly advanced over recent years. Our solutions are designed to create high quality documentation within moments. We have various dictionaries available to suit all different types of businesses. If your business has endless, repetitive blocks of text ā€“ we can create auto-text which using voice commands can enter these blocks of text for you. Be that standard clauses, contract details or email signatures.

If you have a need for regularly creating documents, notes and emails we have the solution for you.

  • Simply place your cursor, dictate and spoken text appears as written text on your screen
  • Increase customer satisfaction with fast turnaround of documents
  • Increase productivity
  • Save time processing your documents ā€“ speaking is five times faster than typing

You can dictate directly into your own formatted documents or templates.



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