Completing the transition from MediSpeech to SpeechReport

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Posted 22nd January 2019 by admin_g2

As you will be aware – the close of 2018 marks the End of Support for MediSpeech. As with most products, our solutions at G2 Speech have a specific life cycle. This is an established reality in today’s market. From time to time legacy products are discontinued and are replaced with newer, more current and fit for purpose solutions. Factors such as market demand, technological advancements and general aging of systems, are drivers to establish End of Development (EOD) milestones for our products.

Without adequate support, software potentially becomes less safe and secure over time. Buyers typically are instructed not to use software versions without support, likely because a company does not intend to offer security patches or upgrades to protect users from viruses, malware and other sorts of cyber attacks.

One instructive example of end-of-support and end-of-life is the release of successive versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system (OS). As it unveils new versions, Microsoft periodically announces the end of support for obsolete versions. An end-of-life policy or end-of-support policy helps facilitate the migration of services and platforms so that businesses, federal/municipal agencies and individual users are not caught in the middle. A number of industries that formerly used obsolete Windows versions (like Windows 95/98 or Vista) for networks or other systems, relied on that support for adequate security and compliance.

MediSpeech was introduced to the market over 20 years ago. As new products and solutions are developed, limitations of older products have become apparent. It has become necessary to transition the development and support of older software products to new developments. G2 Speech has been gradually introducing, over the past few years a solution that allows professionals to receive the benefits of MediSpeech as well as paving the way for features that add value. This solution is SpeechReport.

The time has now come to complete the transition from MediSpeech to SpeechReport. SpeechReport incorporates the workflow efficiency as provided by MediSpeech, with a fresh user interface and new technological advances such as structured reporting, support of mobile applications as well as the support of the latest virtualisation tools (to name a few!).

The new solution has already made a huge difference to many of our customers. Simple things like the platform speed, the standardisation of NHS templates and the ability to use the platform via mobile and tablet devices, have made a great difference. Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has recently provided an updated case study on their progress and transition to SpeechReport – this can be found here

If you’d like further information on this transition – please contact your account manager.



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