G2 Speech and Docman team up to support NHS Five Year Forward View

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Posted 16th February 2018 by Sanne van der Palen

G2 Speech and Docman team up to support NHS Five Year Forward View

G2 Speech, a leading provider of speech recognition and document management solutions, and Docman, the leading provider of easy to use transfer of care solutions between and within healthcare organisations, are pleased to announce their integration to support the NHS in being paperless.

The NHS recently presented a Five Year Forward View, which includes optimising the Transfer of Care initiatives to ensure patients experience a high quality of care when moving between secondary and primary care.

To support improved communication, clinical workflow and more effective transfers of care, secure fax is no longer permitted, and shortly email will no longer be permitted for sending discharge summaries to GPs from NHS organisations or independent sector providers. Organisations need to be using direct electronic transmission to send and receive discharge summaries and outpatient letters.

In order to support this initiative, G2 Speech and Docman have established a common method of sharing information to support provider organisations who use the G2 Speech’s platform, SpeechReport to transfer documents to GPs securely and seamlessly. The solution allows easy document creation and is connected to Docman Hub, a cloud based platform that manages the transfer of documents between healthcare organisations. This means there is a seamless and secure approach to support the Five Year Forward View, as laid out by the NHS.

The integration with the SpeechReport platform offers healthcare professionals a host of benefits including:

  • Create documents using advanced speech recognition
  • Standardise communication towards primary care
  • Structured eDischarge and outpatient letters are readily available
  • Full support of the Academy of Medical Royal College (AoMRC) headings in discharge and outpatient letters
  • Simplify the collection of clinical as well as operational data.

“The combination of both our platforms offers healthcare professionals a complete solution to support a better, more joined up NHS in England. The goal of this partnership is to ensure the NHS can continue to deliver high quality care now and in the future,” said Henry Gallagher, Managing Director, G2 Speech.

Fran Kirke, Commercial Director, Docman said “This is an exciting opportunity for healthcare provider organisations to connect their speech recognition software with Docman Hub to seamlessly be able to send documents to GPs. This integration reduces the cost for organisations to set-up the service and supports them in delivering clinical correspondence securely before the October 2018 deadline.



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