SpeechReport Cursor

Speech recognition for any text field including Microsoft Word and Outlook


Maximise your productivity, by spending less time typing

Did you know that speaking is five times faster than typing? Well imagine the possibilities with our quick, simple and extremely powerful speech recognition solution.

SpeechReport Cursor, provided by G2 Speech, enables you to utilise your voice to create reports and dictate into MS Word, MS Outlook, EPR or any other third party solution. This solution will enable
you to spend less time reporting and more time on more pressing matters.


SpeechReport Cursor enables you to use advanced speech recognition capabilities to dictate into any clinical, non-clinical or Windows-based application (EPR, MS Word, MS Outlook or any other third
party solution). A small non-intrusive dictation window collates the dictated text and enables
you to rewind and replay your dictation. There are also auto-texts, voice guided navigations and correction capabilities available within the solution. Upon completion, you can quickly and simply
direct the dictation with just one click on the dictation device or keyboard!

The auto-text features can assist with creating further efficiencies by enabling you to create standard text blocks with input fields, to minimise the amount of dictation required. This is extremely helpful when regularly repeating large sections of text.


SpeechReport Cursor enables you to:

  • Adjust your screen layout with a moveable dictation box
  • Correct dictations by voice
  • Navigate using your voice
  • Playback, fast forward and rewind your dictation
  • Create auto-text for further efficiencies
  • Access a standby/inactive mode when pauses or breaks are required
  • Work with a headset as well as dictation devices such as a SpeechMike
  • Define your own function keys
  • ┬áSimply and quickly access your
    dictation history.


SpeechReport Cursor is extremely straight forward and simple to deploy. Within a few clicks you will be ready to start your dictations. The client installation only takes a few seconds. After the installation you simply start the application, logon with the credentials provided to you by your system administrator and you are ready to go.




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