enabling professionals to easily create documents with the use of their voice

SpeechLive is Philips’ web-based offering enabling professionals to easily create documents with the use of their voice.

We work in partnership with Philips – Dictation and offer their document creation service ‘SpeechLive’ to support the needs of our evergrowing customer base.

SpeechLive is a browser-based dictation and transcription solution. It’s a light-weight product, with a simple contactless installation. Deployed from the cloud, it enables users to work remotely, using a Philips DPM , SpeechMike, or a smartphone.

The workflow is straightforward. The user records their voice, selects the transcription option (either their own secretary or the SpeechLive transcription service) and receives the processed text file. All in a timely manner over a web connection, increasing their efficiency and saving valuable time.

Created documents are securely stored and accessible via every web browser without any additional software installation being required.

  • Browser-based dictation and transcription solution
  • Simple, contact-less installation in the Cloud
  • Dictate with your mobile device on the go, anywhere and anytime
  • Highest security standards for a maximum protection of your files
  • Flexible subscriptions to suit the needs of your business
  • Excellent workflow management and smooth integration into existing workflows

Getting started with speechlive


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