SpeechReport 2.18 release

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Posted 28th July 2017 by admin_g2

This summer (2017) the new release of SpeechReport will be available with numerous innovative new features.

The following provides an overview of what has been added:

Patient notes

With this release SpeechReport enables users to create a patient note. This note is available to everyone involved in the processing of a document, relating to a certain patient. Patient notes will remain with the patient. When a new document is created, the patients notes are readily available to view by the end user.

Document portal

When users create or transcribe documents it is common to refer to the history of a patient. Therefore, we have implemented the patient history based on the documents available in our platform.  We have received a request to connect to a portal which contains even more patient related information. For this reason, we have introduced the patient portal in SpeechReport. Per department, a URL to an external location (such as a document portal or fileshare) can be set up.

Improved document linking

Currently a document can be manually linked to a patient, an appointment or a visit. We have extended the link options with order, observation and sample, as many sites also use these identifiers for linking documents.

For documents not linked to a patient, appointment or any other identifier (such as voice recorder dictation) a search functionality is available. This search functionality returns an overview of all related appointments, visits, orders, observations and samples which are known within the platform for this patient. From this overview, the correct identifier can be selected to link the document to. To verify that the correct patient identifier is entered, a patient banner in the search screen displays the necessary patient information.

Read more about the latest innovations, integrations and hardware here.



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