Urgent Care: Improving Patient Flow conference

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Posted 21st August 2017 by G2 Speech

Recent statistics have revealed that there has been a significant rise in the number of people attending Accident & Emergency departments in the UK. As a result, the NHS is struggling to meet demand, amidst the realisation that extra funding will not be forthcoming, and despite constant efforts to reform the system and relieve some of the pressures by signposting to other areas of healthcare provision.

This year’s Urgent Care: Improving Patient Flow conference, which will be taking place in Manchester on 21 September, will focus on the measures that can alleviate the congestion and successfully restore a dynamic flow. The conference will explore the current patient flow trends within the hospital urgent care system. Delegates will gain a greater understanding of how the problems occur from the start of the process, when the patient attends the A & E department, through to the discharge process, returning back into the community and home.

A line-up of expert speakers will provide insight and opinions and stimulate debate as to how to relieve the burden on hospitals and reduce the pressures of compromised patient flow. A number of initiatives and examples of best practice from the health and social care system will be showcased and there will be ample opportunity for interactive discussion and networking amongst fellow professionals and peers.

Visit our booth (No. 6) to find out how our solutions can help improve patient flow within urgent care, using the latest technology to optimise the reporting process and collect vital data for analysis and management information.

Our specialists will be on hand to showcase the following solutions, using dictation hardware from Olympus, one of our partners:

  • SpeechReport – with the latest advancements in our speech recognition and workflow management solution
  • G2 Analytics – helps to avoid penalties by meeting key NHS patient treatment targets
  • Structured Reporting – allows the fast creation of standardised reports, with the ability to extract vital data.

With our solutions we wish to contribute to an improved patient flow for urgent care!

We work in partnership with Olympus. Olympus offers intuitive dictation devices to support future-proof speech-to-text solutions.

The Urgent Care conference will be taking place at the Manchester Conference Centre, Sackville Street, Manchester, M1 3BB, United Kingdom. For any further information, please visit http://www.openforumevents.co.uk/events/2017/urgent-care-improving-patient-flow/.

We’ve recently written an article on why Transfer of Care matters and how our SpeechReport solution can help in improving patient flow. It is available online on the Open Forum Events website.



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