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Posted 28th February 2020 by admin_g2

Please note: This event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis. If you have any questions about our partnership please get in touch with one of our colleagues.

Important update: The ECR 2020 has been postponed until 15–19 July 2020. After careful evaluation of the spreading coronavirus epidemic, and considering the recent statements issued by the WHO and the ECDC, and the related evolving world-wide restrictions and crisis, the ESR was forced to make this decision. At a later stage we will communicate the exact date our Product Manager, Mark Godthelp will be attending the event. Additional information about the reason to postpone the event can be found here: https://www.myesr.org/

The ECR (European Congress of Radiology) will take place in Vienna, Austria from 15-19 July 2020. This event is organised by the ESR (European Society of Radiology) and is the largest radiology congress in Europe. The event is well-attended by radiologists from all over the world.

Our Product Manager, Mark Godthelp will present at the ECR at the stand of our partner, VISUS. He will be approachable at stand 512 – Expo X5 and is available for questions and discussions.

Radiologists can visit the stand for more information about our partnership and integration options in the VISUS’ Enterprise PACS JiveX. The solutions we offer have a strong focus on an integrated PACS-driven workflow in combination with the benefits of interactive speech recognition to optimise the reporting methods of the radiologist.

To offer a positive user experience to end users, VISUS uses our uniform desktop integration (Interaction Service). With this integration, JiveX users benefit from the innovative functionalities of the SpeechReport platform, our complete solution for workflow management and speech recognition, while the JiveX PACS is in full control over the reporting process.

Other benefits of the JiveX integration with SpeechReport, in addition to the PACS-driven workflow and speech recognition, include:

  • Workflow, work lists and status management are provided by the PACS
  • Structured Reporting (incl. automatic template selection and reporting critical findings)
  • Add automatic medical codes to reports
  • Making clinical data easily available for analyses and scientific research.

If you are visiting the ECR and using the JiveX PACS or are in an exploratory phase for the purchase of a new PACS? Then come along to the VISUS stand (512 – Expo X5) for a demonstration. Mark Godthelp will be pleased to meet you at the stand. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please email marketing@g2speech.com with the desired day and time.


We hope to see you there!



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