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Posted 19th December 2016 by admin_g2

Solutions that can easily analyse data are of vital importance to health care services. G2 Speech’s management information solution ‘G2 Analytics’ continues to embed itself as core service in delivery of vital and effective information to our customers. This analysis tool provides you with an insight into the reporting process and helps you to monitor individual and departmental performance, review turnaround times and identify any bottlenecks in advanced workflows. Analysing this data enables our customers to optimise their reporting, administration and workflow, generating both efficiency and cost savings.

To further improve G2 Analytics, G2 Speech has now implemented the Data Cube model for storing of data. The Data Cube delivers a much more flexible manner of delivering the necessary information and reports, which means that customers can now create, manage and maintain their own reports with access to much more detailed information. The ability to create bespoke, customised reports is provided in addition to the existing reports delivered as a standard within the G2 Analytics package.

Reports can be exported to PDF or Excel format including: CSV, mHTML or XML files. The reports can be generated automatically and sent to your email at a time and date convenient for you.

Please contact your account manager (+44 (0)208 555 9041) for additional information on this innovative reporting tool.



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