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Posted 19th July 2018 by admin_g2


G2 Speech are pleased to unveil its new Interaction Service which will provide partners with seamless front-end integrations.

SpeechReport is the document and workflow management solution provided by G2 Speech to streamline clinical and legal correspondence for professionals to enable them to increase their productivity. G2 Speech has developed a front-end Interaction Service that allows potential partners to simply use SpeechReports’ functionalities as part of their current system and workflow.

This integration enables third party integrators to use SpeechReport from their own worklist, for example a dictation, transcription or authorisation worklist. Users will have access to all SpeechReport functionalities for creating and editing documents whilst accessing a partners’ workflow to track the document throughout its lifetime.

The Interaction Service can also be used as a traditional front-end integration where the third-party integrator only activates SpeechReport to create or open a document. The workflow, including worklists, are in this case managed in SpeechReport. We offer our partners the flexibility to decide which scenario is the best fit for their customers and their workflow needs.

Several partners are already developing an integration to link their software to this Interaction Service, so their customers can utilise all of the benefits that SpeechReport has to offer. These integrations are creating great opportunities to develop new relationships and migrate existing customers from our predecessor MediSpeech to SpeechReport.

Join our long-standing integration partners including: Sectra, EPIC, Chipsoft, Fuji, Visus and many more!

If you would like to find out more about our new front-end integration capabilities, please get in touch with Mark Godthelp, Product Manager – Business Partnerships.



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