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We recently met with Dr. Adrian Wayne. He’s a GP, providing general medical services at Brondesbury Medical Centre. We discussed his experience of working with digital dictation, speech recognition solutions and with G2 Speech in general. GP’s at Brondesbury Medical use Dragon Medical. There are currently six doctors licensed to use the equipment.Dr Adrian Wayne, GP at Brondesbury Medical spoke about his experiences: “The practice was looking for a more efficient way of using secretarial time, a more cost effective way of working and a method to increase productivity when typing notes, letters and forms. Faster turnaround times for written letters and documentation was high on the agenda. We have seen a general increase in demand which has meant we’ve needed to become more efficient in what we do. We found speech recognition attractive particularly to non-typers.

The introduction to voice recognition, the installation of the system and the initial training was easily arranged. The installation provided no problems or disruptions to the practice. The training was straightforward and comprehensive. The staff at G2 Speech were helpful, knowledgeable and very cognisant of our needs.

I can now voice-type my consultation notes and fill in forms with Dragon Medical. This makes these tasks much quicker. Referral letters are turned round within the day. The documentation is far more accurate and comprehensive. Templates for letters enable instant letter production. Patient and doctor satisfaction has increased. Secretarial time has been significantly saved.

The equipment is very straightforward and easy to use. It does take time to adjust to using the voice recognition package but patience is rewarded. I probably save half an hour of secretarial time per session, as I generate my own letters now, and of course reports. Filling in auto populated letters and forms is so much easier with this system. As I dictate now I view in real-time my typing, this is a real bonus over previous electronic dictation.

This is one piece of technology that has really changed my life. My confidence in producing reports and letters has increased significantly. The secretaries have been released to perform other admin tasks. The process for writing up consultation notes has been made far more efficient. Patient satisfaction with more efficient production of letters has increased. I can write up my notes whilst the patient is present and look at the patient as well. I cannot recommend this product more highly.”

The centre have noted increased patient satisfaction with more efficient production of letters!

Download the full case study here

Project Requirements

  • Looking for a more efficient way of using secretarial time
  • A more cost effective way of working
  • A way of increasing productivity

Project Outcome

  • Life-changing technology
  • Released secretarial time to perform other admin tasks
  • Increased patient satisfaction!



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