Speech recognition for any text field including Microsoft Word and Outlook


Maximise your productivity, spend less time typing with our lightweight, easy to deploy system.

SpeechCursor enables you to use advanced speech recognition capabilities and dictate directly into any clinical, non-clinical or Windows-based application (including: EPR, MS Word, MS Outlook or any other third-party solution).

This solution will enable you to spend less time reporting and more time on things with a higher priority like patient and care and spending time with your clients.

SpeechCursor enables you to use your voice to convert dictated words directly into written words. A small dictation window collates the dictated text and enables you to rewind and replay your dictation. There are also auto-texts, voice guided navigations and correction capabilities available within the solution. Upon completion, you can quickly and simply direct the dictation with just one click on your dictation device or keyboard. The auto-text features can assist with creating further efficiencies by enabling you to create standard text blocks with input fields, to minimise the amount of dictation required. This is extremely helpful when regularly repeating large sections of text.

The system builds speech profiles on an individual basis and stores information about a user’s voice. Accuracy of speech recognition increases through use which helps our system adapt to a user’s grammar, speech patterns, vocabulary and word usage. Our solutions offer superb accuracy with minimum voice training.

  • Dictate directly into any clinical system, client system or CRM
  • No more typing – utilise your voice
  • Five times faster than typing
  • Suitable for any medical, legal or business specialty
  • Centralised management of user profile.



The on-premise environment is hosted, maintained and administrated on your infrastructure. This provides you with full access and control over the environment and includes the possibility to combine SpeechCursor with the SpeechReport platform capabilities.


SpeechCursor can also be deployed from our SpeechReport Cloud environment which provides flexibility and significantly less deployment costs. G2 Speech is responsible for the technical maintenance of the server environment and administration of the system. This will save you FTE and operating/hardware costs.



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