10th Digital Pathology & AI Congress: Europe

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Posted 9th November 2023 by admin_g2

We’re going to 10th Digital
Pathology & AI Congress: Europe!

On Thursday 7th and Friday 8th December, we will be attending the 10th Digital Pathology & AI Congress. 

With industry experts sharing valuable insights around fascinating industry-related topics, it’s guaranteed to be an incredibly interesting two-day event. Some of the tools that will be discussed are:

  • Digital imaging
  • Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Computer-aided diagnostic techniques
  • Augmenting and empowering diagnostic pathology
  • And much more!

Please visit the Digital Pathology website for more details.

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In proud partnership with...

Whilst at the 10th Digital Pathology & AI Congress we will be demonstrating the use of our expert solutions: SpeechReport and SpeechCursor.

With SpeechReport, your clinicians have all they need to create accurate patient records at their convenience, enhancing the quality of your organization’s records as well as the overall patient experience. SpeechReport Cursor is designed to simplify your workflow right from the start. Just position your cursor, talk, and see your words come to life. Correct and navigate through your content using intuitive voice commands, directly within medical, non-medical, or Windows-based applications.

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Our workflow management solutions

Streamline your workflow from dictation to signature and distribution to final document archiving.

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Dictate directly into text areas in any medical, non-medical or Windows-based application.

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SpeechReport key features

  • Time savings of at least 20% compared to typing
  • More than 98% speech recognition accuracy
  • Fully automated document handling
  • Suitable for any medical specialty
  • Document templates and worklists
  • Auto-text to add frequently used texts with a single voice command
  • Insight into previously made dictations per patient
  • Flexibility to work on the move, with our mobile apps

Latest Case Study

The Zuidwest Radiotherapeutisch Instituut (ZRTI) treats more than 2,200 cancer patients annually by means of radiotherapy. Roughly 100 employees work at the Roosendaal and Vlissingen locations. The ZRTI works together with specialists from general and academic hospitals. They mainly focus on patients from Zeeland, West Brabant and parts of South Holland.

We recently spoke with Anne Alblas, Medical Imaging and Radiation Expert | Application Manager at the ZRTI. Together with colleague Arjen Tange, information coordinator, she is also responsible for the application management of SpeechReport. In this case study, she shares her experience with us.


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