SpeechReport 2.24 release

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Posted 29th October 2018 by admin_g2

SpeechReport 2.24 is now available. There have been various improvements to the solution following customer feedback these include:

  • Minimised UI – enabling a compact view of SpeechReport’s key functionalities
  • Role-based rights – the ability for software integrators to start the SpeechReport Client from their own application. In relation to this:
    – The ability to create adhoc documents without patient information has been disabled
    – Controlling the transition of a document from outside of SpeechReport has been disabled within the Client (so as to avoid confusion across both systems)
  • An administrator can now pre-configure the worklists for every workflow step (activity) and deploy this to individual or groups of users
  • On close of the application, a confirmation window is now presented to confirm this action and make sure that users are made aware of loss of documents
  • As part of the ongoing drive to improve the performance and user experience of SpeechReport, log in has now been optimised to make the process noticeably quicker.

For a full overview of the release notes, click on the link below:

SpeechReport 2.24 Release Notes



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