Video – Transfer of Care (ToC)

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The Transfer of Care (ToC) initiative has been brought about by NHS Digital, NHS England and the PRSB to create a standardised, accessible manner of reporting in the NHS.

ToC supports the delivery of high quality care, there’s an increasing need to share information more efficiently and consistently across health and social care.

In line with the ToC guidance, and with international customer support, we have developed a structured reporting module. The module supports clinicians to meet the requirements as part of the ToC initiative but also for those in clinical areas (such as Pathology) when a more clear, defined, quantifiable structure to reporting is required.

This innovative way of reporting allows clinicians to simply and quickly create reports, within templates, using speech recognition. Structured Reporting automatically extracts all data from patient letters and documents during their day to day reporting. This data can be used for example for research, national registries or clinical audits. Furthermore, a clinician can use it to make informed decisions.

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