10 tips for flawless speech recognition

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Posted 6th June 2017 by admin_g2

Buried in paper work? Ad-hoc tasks popping up? Struggling to meet your deadlines? These issues might sound familiar when you’re working in an office with a lot of administrative tasks. Next to all kinds of software offerings to help you cope with all these time consuming tasks, there’s one solution in particular that can be a great help on improving your administrative process.

Yes, we are talking about “speech recognition”. Speech recognition is a proven effective tool to guarantee faster document turnaround times and deliver your reports in a timely manner. The idea behind speech recognition is simple; you speak and the text appears directly on your screen.

To profit from the most accurate recognition it’s essential to develop a clear dictation style, easy and straightforward. If you apply the following tips when you formulate your text the reports will be created fluently and without delay. It doesn’t get any easier.

  1. Always keep the microphone at the same distance from your mouth (about 10 cm) when dictating and not directly in front of your mouth.
  2. Decide what you want to dictate in advance.
  3. Speak in a natural manner, at a normal volume. Talking louder does not help your accuracy.
  4. Always dictate punctuation marks such as full stops and commas.
  5. Try not to include too many ‘umms’, avoid hesitations and long pauses.
  6. Structure your sentences grammatically.
  7. Do not forget to pause the recording if you do not want to record something.
  8. Auto texts help to create text that you regularly use in a faster way.
  9. Use an external microphone like a specialised dictation device or a high quality headset for the best recognition results.
  10. Try not to look at your recognised text while dictating. It can be distracting and disrupt your dictation flow.

An example of a solution we offer that transforms spoken words directly into text is SpeechReport Cursor. Using SpeechReport Cursor when taking all of these tips into account you can take advantage of speech recognition and overcome your administrative challenges.




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