Station Road Surgery in Frimley

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Station Road Surgery in Frimley is a well-run small GP Practice which serves the local community with five doctors. Dr Jane Snell, GP at the practice is currently trialing a new way of dictating her notes and patient letters, using the Dragon Medical software (by Nuance Healthcare) supplied by G2 Speech.

Dragon Medical offers speech recognition that is particularly suited to stand-alone usage, making it ideal for smaller medical and GP practices. It enables clinicians to take advantage of front-end speech recognition, producing letters and documents that appear instantly on the computer screen, ready for immediate checking and sign-off.

Dr Jane Snell, GP explained: “I am really enjoying using Dragon Medical, the speech recognition system has helped reduce the time I spend documenting notes. What is best about the Dragon Medical software is that it is up to 99% accurate, I wasn’t expecting it to work so well but have been impressed with the extensive medical vocabulary. Of course it makes the odd mistake – mostly with new drug names but I have been able to add these to the dictionary and found that the system learns quickly.”

“When I dictate letters, I no longer systematically need them to go to the secretary (we share one secretary between us). It is great to be able to edit and review them almost immediately myself. This is fantastic when the secretary is on holiday. Another benefit is that she frees up her time to do things like chasing down appointments or ringing round for results which is a big help.”

“I generally dictate about 25-30 letters a week and being able to see the text as I speak it helps me not to lose track of what I want to say. G2 Speech has been very helpful in setting the software up and I certainly wouldn’t go back to the old fashioned way of dictating now.”

Project Requirements

  • Small GP practice with five GPs looking for a new way of working
  • Old fashioned dictation equipment
  • Complicated terminology and spellings

Project Outcome

  • Proven 99% accuracy
  • Ability to review letters immediately
  • Helpful staff and extremely useful system



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