G2 Mobile has arrived!

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Posted 18th July 2016 by admin_g2

The need to be able to authorise and edit documents whilst away from your desk in the digital world we live has become a necessity. More people are working from home, away from the office and out in the community. The need to be able to mobilise working is something that is high on the healthcare agenda. Working closely with healthcare professionals across the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Holland we have developed our new mobile app, G2 Mobile.   G2 Mobile provides instant access to correspondence from any location, be that out in the community, at a different base or even at home. Fully integrated with SpeechReport’s automated workflow, this app allows you to further reduce the turnaround time of documents. In just a few clicks, your secretarial team will be provided with feedback or finalised documents.   This application provides healthcare professionals with the ability to view, sign off and forward your reports at a time and location convenient to you. It’s also possible to add notes to medical reports, as a personal reminder or as an instruction for your secretary. The app is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Key features include:

  • Fully integrated with SpeechReport
  • Part of the G2 Mobile solution, our hybrid platform
  • Ability to sign off anywhere, at any time
  • Add notes to documents
  • Following ISO 27002 and secured encryption of data
  • Suitable for iOS, Android and Windows devices
  • Reader view: adapt to your personal preferences

Comments on the app so far include, “very impressed with app, thought it was very intuitive and straight forward to use and understand”.   Find out more information here.



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