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Posted 21st December 2016 by admin_g2

From February 2017, the new release of SpeechReport is available with numerous innovative new features.
The following are a selection of what has been added:

Outsourced transcription, this functionality has been developed for those looking to cover staff absence or bottlenecks, it enables you to manually or automatically send your dictation to the G2 Speech outsourced transcription office. Once transcriptions have been completed they are returned back into the workflow of SpeechReport and submitted to the secretary for approval and checking. This functionality is particularly helpful as a short term solution to cover periods of absence. The communication between the SpeechReport platform and the outsourced transcriptionist seamlessly takes place via a secure connection. It is also possible to link third party outsourced transcription providers to the SpeechReport platform (please contact your Account Manager for further information).
In addition to the worklist for outpatients, there is now also a worklist for inpatients. Based on search functionality or patient information, the inpatient worklist provides an overview of patients who are referred and treated internally. Both worklists enable users the ability to directly start a dictation from a patient consultation or appointment.

G2 Speech’s reporting tool ‘G2 Analytics’ now provides information about the use of addenda, rectifications and types of interactions within reports. It provides insights into the areas where special attention is advised. More and more information is stored in so-called data cubes, which simplifies the analysis of data. The data cubes have the flexibility to report on the standard reports and also when needed the ability to drill down and create their own reports as the customer wishes. In addition to that, information from the old report structures will be transferred on to the cube, which includes information on backlog and turnaround time reports with the 2.16 release.

As of SpeechReport 2.16 we will provide a generic front-end API, named “G2 IPC” (IPC – Inter Process Communication). It is not always easy to create an interface between two systems. Over the past years G2 Speech has developed more than 100 different integrations. To make these integration less complicated G2 Speech has created this universal front-end integration. The G2 IPC enables the communication between an external system (PACS/EPR/RIS etc.) and SpeechReport. You are now able to start the creation of a Speech document (digital dictation and/or Speech recognition) in SpeechReport. The goal of this integration is to make it easier for SpeechReport to communicate with multiple external systems such as imaging systems and patient records.



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