SpeechReport 2.23 release

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Posted 19th July 2018 by admin_g2

SpeechReport 2.23 release

We always endeavour to provide the best possible solutions to our customers to optimise their workflows and reporting processes. As a result, we continuously seek to improve our digital dictation and speech recognition solutions. We’ve recently added some new functionalities to our SpeechReport solution. In this article, we highlight and detail these new functionalities. SpeechReport 2.23 will be released in July 2018.

Interaction Service

A new front-end Interaction Service allows third party partners to embed SpeechReports’ functionalities into their own system and workflows. Find out more about the Interaction Service here.

Editor functionalities

Following consultation with our customers we have identified the need for additional functionality within the SpeechReport editor. Therefore, we have added these most requested functionalities, including date formatting, bullet points, line and page breaks, indents and spaces, text alignment, sub/superscript and change case (capitals to small letters and vice versa).

Confidentiality of documents

Having documents handled as confidential is an important requirement. Normally, all reports related to a specific patient can be found in the patient history. However, in certain cases, you do not always want this information to be exposed to other departments to protect a patient’s privacy.

Therefore we have introduced the possibility to easily configure the document’s confidentiality per (sub)department or even per document.

History of documents

Additional options to retrieve document information have been added to provide a short overview of all documents ever created, including information on deleted documents.

A fuller description of the above functionalities, as well as a list of other features that we have added to our SpeechReport solution, can be found here.



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