SpeechReport 3.0 is now released!

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Posted 10th July 2020 by admin_g2

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SpeechReport 3.0 is a huge new release which we’re very excited to be able to present to you. The release is jam-packed with some great new features including an updated speech engine. The new release has a brand new look and feel – helping to highlight the progression and development of the platform.

What’s new? 

  • An updated speech engine (RSDK) for further performance improvements and a simplified way to introduce new words to the dictionary
  • A refreshed look and feel to freshen up the application and improve the usability and user experience
  •  It’s easier to manage identifiers received by third parties to prevent the unmeant merging of patients. This can be done be pointing out one unique ID as the leading ID
  • The usage of auto texts has improved significantly – over 20 auto texts can be assigned to a user or group
  • The search worklist is enriched with the ‘play’ button so users are also able to listen to the dictation.

A preview of the refreshed design

Popular Customer Requests

  • The clinical worklist can now be filtered on multiple items per filter criteria
  • The assignment of supervisors is easier to manage
  • The work type of documents can be changed in Administration
  • Users are able to log in on various workstations without losing their unfinished dictations.
  • With the new UI the recording level remains visible when altering the size of SpeechReport to easily verify if the application is recording

And many more functionalities… For more detailed information, please consult the release notes or get in touch with your account manager who’s happy to tell you all about this release!




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