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Bart van de Griendt – Senior Application consultant


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Posted 10th May 2021 by admin_g2

We are happy to present Bart van de Griendt, our Senior Application Consultant in this edition of our website column ‘We are G2’.

Hello Bart, can you tell us something about yourself? And about your career at G2? You’ve been working here for quite a while…

I’m Bart van de Griendt, 37 years old and living in a beautiful village near Eindhoven. I have been working for G2 Speech for almost 13 years now (time flies). In my spare time I like to ride a motorbike, play keyboards in a band and since July last year I have a new occupation: my daughter!

What makes the work of an application consultant so interesting?

I think it is the diversity within the environments where we implement our software. No department or hospital is the same (both the people and the ICT environment). You therefore have to stay alert to the issues that play a role within a department, but the technical ICT environment can also pose a challenge. That makes it fun to find a suitable solution for each environment.

What personal qualities play an important role in the performance of your job?

I am sociable, creative and find it easy to communicate with colleagues and customers. That combination makes it pleasant to work together towards a common goal.

For customers, you are often the first point of contact for all processes and the set-up of the software. Do you sometimes face sudden challenges on site? How do you solve this?

It is true that sometimes an issue arises. First of all, stay calm! Staying calm is the most important factor to find a solution to a challenge/problem. If I can’t work it out myself, I switch to other colleagues to get the required information.

How do you share customer feedback with the Product Management Team? 

When the customer provides feedback on our speech recognition and workflow solutions, I schedule a session with the relevant product owner. I update them on the request and explain why this is important for the customer.

The hospital technology is changing at a rapid pace. How do you keep up with all these developments?

I am very curious and eager to learn. Online, I make sure to follow the latest technologies, such as Azure, for example, via Microsoft Learn. Since the SpeechReport Cloud environment is based on Azure, it is useful to be technically aware of such an environment.





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